Sunday, December 6, 2009

I could use YOUR help!!

There is one way you can get involved in this Holiday Season at Hosanna Home. A few of the girls, me, and some staff members are taking a mission trip to Mexico Dec. 15-22. The ministry that runs Hosanna Home, Harvest Evangelism also has a partnership with a church in Mexico. We will be painting, building, and constructing homes and porches. We will also be hanging out and ministering to children on the streets and people in need. The girls and I from Hosanna Home have to raise a certain amount to build a porch for a family. They are already underway praying and asking for support. So, to do my part, I thought I would ask my community, YOU. If you feel led to support this trip, you can mail me or I can come meet you, any financial contribution you would like to do. All checks can be made to Harvest Evangelism. Also, if you have ANY SHOES that you could do without, I am taking a huge stash of them!! Children and adults need shoes there more than anything else. If you would like to contribute, please call and let me know 334-300-5641. If you are mailing anything... 650 Dekalb St. Unit 1311
Auburn, Alabama 36830

I can't wait to let you know how doing ministry alongside some amazing women who have recently come to know the Lord looks like. Women who I thought I was ministering to, will now be working alongside me to further the Kingdom of God in Mexico. WOW! What a blessing that there is none greater or less important in Christ. I love it!

Thanks and love you all!!

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