Saturday, August 29, 2009

Serving a Faithful God

This weekend I was reminded of how faithful our God is! I always used to say that if I could only use one word to describe the Lord that it would be faithful. During the spring and throughout the summer I spent so much time in prayer for many of my friends and their future plans for this fall. Some of them just graduated, some in grad school, some trying to find jobs, and some just walking in faith until the right opportunity rises. While I knew exactly where I would be this Fall, most of my friends faced uncertainty. It was neat because instead of worrying or praying about or for myself, my prayers were focused on all these friends. I didn't pray that He would show them where they would be or what they would be doing, but that they would all come to know Him more in this time of uncertainty as He held the answers to all their questions. I was confident that His story for their lives and their next steps was far greater and bigger than they could ever imagine. This weekend, I saw and heard so many of those stories unfold right in front of my eyes. I knew His timing was perfect and so was His plan, but when you see people who have stayed obedient to His will for their lives, it is beautiful to watch the show begin. My friend Katy is now in Birmingham in OT grad school, depending on the Lord and knowing without a doubt that this is exactly where He would have her. Emily's plans for Uganda are starting to come together and funds are rising from different places and it's just so great to see Him provide for her every single day in ways that she never knew were possible. My friends Mary, Zach, Katie B., Malorie, Scott, Cat, Jason, and the rest of the Grace Campus staff are seeing the Lord move in Hong Kong and walking right into amazing opportunities to share the love of Christ to a nation that doesn't know His name. Rachel is following after Jesus as she prepares for an amazing opportunity to work alongside our friend Kelli who has some awesome businesses for selling women's crafts from other countries and telling their stories. Hannah and Christi are both working at churches in Atlanta ministering to college and high school girls and impacting lives for the Kingdom. These are only a few of the people that I was talking about, but there are many more that I accidentally left out. It's just so neat to see and hear that He is moving and working everywhere and that my prayers are being answered as all of these friends are seeing their futures and plans being unfolded. He is an incredibly faithful God and knows are hearts and our cares. He wants to meet every single need so that He is glorified in return. What an amazing God we serve! 

Here's a few pics of getting to spend time with these friends this weekend:

me and katy crane

Me and Mary

Rachel, Katy, and Me

And then some pics of the rest of these great individuals serving the Lord in different places:

Katie B. and I 

Me and Malorie

Zach, Mary, and Me

Bible study girls with Hannah

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