Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Life here

Hey Guys!! 
Kamp is great. The honeymoon stage is definitely over but I still feel like the Lord has me here for a very specific purpose. Serving others has stripped me and sharpened me each and every day. One thing I am learning is how it's so easy to serve and work with people you love. When someone here asks me to do something, regardless of the job if I enjoy that person it's almost an easy chore. I love working for and alongside someone that I enjoy. However, when a person I do not click as well with asks me to do something, it's very difficult to say yes-or to keep a positive attitude in the process. I know the Lord will bless the tougher decisions and make joy out of those times but it is so difficult to walk in that truth. It's hard to love and serve people who drive you nuts. The Lord is so faithful in His rewards. I am learning that I am glorifying Him in serving others and I pray that I will continue to strive toward the right service no matter how difficult the task. Another thing that I am learning is to really see the best in people. A close friend once asked me to assume the best of her at all times. Sometimes as humans, it's so easy to play the victim and feel that a person is just out to get us. However, most of the time the other person has no clue that we've even been hurt. It seems that we are naturally good at assuming the worst of people. I think the Lord is pushing me to always assume the best of others. When we do that, communication is easier, and the Lord gets the glory in the end. These are two of my struggles right now here at Kamp. Pray that I would serve everyone as Jesus did and that I would think the best of people and their intentions. 

The kids are great. The way they are always energized and excited to be outside motivates me. I love seeing them worship and surrender small but meaningful things to them to the Lord. It's beautiful to see lives being transformed right in front of me. I really love spending time with the other counselors and people on staff. The Lord is always moving and I love being along for the ride. This past week has been harder but I feel like it's just a time of teaching and I have faith and am trusting that He is refining me and transforming me into a mirrored image of Him. I hope everything is going well with all of you. Let me know if I can be praying for you. Love you all. Missing you! :)

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