Monday, April 13, 2009

In Christ

Christ is where I find...
My Worth-not in dollar or cent sings, not in value of amount
My Comfort-not in Hallmark cards, not in other's arms
My Love-not in romantic films or romantic men
My Courage-not in a cheer squad, not in people's words
My Acceptance-not in cliques or groups, not in universities 
My Energy-not in caffeine or adderall
My Peace-not in a massage or sleep machines
My Friend-not in individuals in auburn or montgomery
My Identity-not in clothes, jewelry, or fashion
My Provider-not in WalMart, not in internet
My Wisdom-not in subjects or majors
My Future-not in my plans or in my expectations
My Present-not in situations or in conversations
My Foundation-not in teachings or theologies
My Truth- not changing and not ending
My Security-not in myself not in others

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