Saturday, March 14, 2009


So, for SB09 I am going to Chicago to do urban outreach. We will be serving with homeless people, children, and college students.
I don't have much time to write, but here's an update.
We drove from Auburn to Murry, Kentucky today where we will stay the night. Tomorrow we will wake up and drive the rest of the way to Chicago. I'm pumped.

So Far...
-ice cream competition at the only outdoor DQ left in the states
-dead rabbit completely intact next to me on sidewalk
-all in the family games with the 20 others on the trip
-fears/embarrassing moments facts from people in my car
-meeting some great people
-sunflower seeds all the way here
-rain the ENTIRE drive
-seeing people act out famous characters
-the Korean guy was Mariah Carey and NO ONE could guess him
-homemade choc chip cookies made with cake batter
-Jason's deli stop
-booty meat engagement conversation
-getting to share life with 20 new college friends.

More to come... Stay Tuned.

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