Monday, March 2, 2009

Emily Journal #5

    As many of you know, Auburn got blessed with a bunch of snow this weekend! I slept late on Sunday and played with my friends all day long in the snow. The day consisted of extreme snow ball fights with one another, a truck full of little boys, and some other college students who joined in. When the fighting was over, we went to Taylors for some coffee and to thaw out. Most of my friends were tired or needed to study so many of them headed home. I decided that I would use my new burst of energy from the excitement of snow to entertain my best buddy, emily. I called Emily to see what she was up to. After I listened to the many things she had done alone in the snow, I decided to go pick her up. When I got to her house, Emily showed me this "town of little snowmen" that she had made (pictured). We headed back to my house to build another. When we got to my house, we immediately began working on our snowman. My roommate, Chatty came outside to help. The three of us worked very hard to roll up the snow just perfectly for the head, body, and base. When the three strangely shaped circles were finished, we went inside to find the appropriate apparel. We decided a black and white scarf, vanilla waffer eyes, carrot mouth, cinnamon stick nose, and a sombrero. Our snowman (pictured) was awesome! Some of our friends came over with their puppy so we played in the snow with him too. After a scary snowball fight (probably a little too much excitement for Emily in one sitting), we went inside. I made everyone some hot chocolate while we sat and fellowshipped. After about an hour and a half, I decided to take Emily home. It was one of my favorite days that we have spent together. We were both full of life and excited to share this day together. Emily really loves the snow just like me and I am thankful for a stress free time together!


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