Wednesday, February 4, 2009

emily journal 3

Before I start the journal on our last adventure with my Best Buddy, Emily, I want to tell you about this emblem. This is the best buddy emblem they use across the states for this program. If you would like to know more about the program or the involvement in your areas, go to

Ok- So, Journal #3
Last night, February 3
I picked Emily up around 4PM from her house. We decided to just come over to my house for the night. She brought her DVD, Cheetah Girls, and some music. I had to do some homework so I just let Emily sit beside me and watch the movie. She knew all the lyrics to the songs and dances. I was sad that I wasn't much fun, but thankfully my roommate Chatty filled my spot. Chatty has continued to be such a blessing for me when it comes to hanging out with Emily. I think it's easier when I have someone else to help out. Chatty encouraged Emily to show us so new dance moves. After teaching Emily how to "Scrub the Ground," Chatty and Emily danced together. It was definitely a sight to see to say the least. My other roommate, Katy came home and we ordered some pizza. We watched American Idol and ate pizza with some other girls that came to my house. I took Emily home around 9 or so. It was a good night. There wasn't too much interaction but I think just spending time together is really what this buddy system is all about. To give Emily a shout out- She won first place in the cheer competition this weekend in Atlanta. She was very excited about it! Well, that's all I have for now but we will be hanging out again soon. Some things you may could pray for as I continue to seek Him in this relationship and His vision for me in this organization: patience, patience, patience, calmness, security, Emily's health issues, and love of course. These are the things that I'm really struggling with and hope with His help, I can continue this friendship. Thanks for reading. Have a great week!!

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