Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So, I'm starting to see God in random circumstances in my day so I thought I would share one of my more recent stories. Yesterday as I was packing up my room to head back to Auburn, God showed me himself through my animals. Quick recap- Riley is my best friend who is 8 years old and is seated on the left in this picture. The lighter colored dog is Sophie. Sophie is a dog from the pound that I brought home this summer who doesn't exactly know me very well. Anyway, I had a huge box in my arms full of things to take back to Auburn. Both dogs were laying in the hall way that I was proceeding. As I walked towards the dogs, Sophie jumped up and scampered away at the sight of me and my large object as if I would drop it on her or harm her. Riley, knowing me well enough to know I would never intentionally hurt her trusted me as I walked right over her holding the box. See, Riley knows I love her and that even if I did drop that box on her she trusts that I know what I'm doing. Sophie, not as aquatinted to me was afraid and left thinking I may harm her. 

How many times are we like Sophie with the Lord? We see him coming and we run from him because we don't trust him with our lives. Riley on the other hand, is the picture of complete faith and trust in her master. He will change any situation for good yet we still don't completely trust Him all the times with our life. Even when he brings big boxes around us, do we trust him enough to endure what he has in store for us long enough for him to make it good? Trust the Lord today. Be a Riley. Leave the Sophies at home!

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