Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to One of my Favorite Men


This blog is in honor of one of my favorite men on this planet, my Pop. For his birthday, I'm going to use a few words to try to express how much he means to me! :)
He is one of my faithful bloggers so my hopes of him reading this are high!!

Story #1.
Growing up, whenever any of the grandchildren got hurt, Pop would ask us if we wanted him to go get his "Pop's Special Cream?" Of course I recently found out that this mystery healing cream is benedryl. However, when we were younger this always seemed to be the only thing any of us wanted to put on our wounds.

Story #2.
Against Nana's preference, Pop and I would always stay up late watching television in the old house while eating ice cream right before bed!! :) Still one of my favorite past times.

Story #3.
There's this thing I do to my Pop and my Nana where I will squeeze them harder than usual when I first give them a hug. Pop will always let out a loud, "Ohh.." "Eassssy..." haha I love his humor.

Story #4.
Pop is also one of the most amazing carpentars. He furnished and built complete 3 story doll houses for me and my sisters. He even added electricity to the rooms. Ya, so cool!

Story #5.
Another memory I have that isn't necessarily deep but very real is when I would stay over at their house, I would wake up and always found Pop seated at the kitchen table with a newspaper and his ceral/breakfast. The thing I liked most-he always put down the newspaper when I walked up.

Stories like these are always fun to remember, but one surpasses them all. Every time I go and see my Pop at my parents' store, we ebrace and chat but he always leaves me with this. "Brandy, call your Nana today if you get the chance or go by and see your Nana today... I know it would mean a lot to her." Another thing that comes to mind is every time I leave him, He says, "Now, you know how much I love you, right?" You see, what Pop has is a heart that is so unselfish and caring for others. He always prioritizes others above himself. His humble character and funny attitude makes being around him so enjoyable. I treasure the times I've spent with my Pop and pray and seek more in the future. He is so loving and he means so much to me. So, Happy Birthday Pop. I love you with all my heart!


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