Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So... short blog but hoping for return posts-your turn to tell me what you think.

1. A kid at my daycare's parents told me they don't do Christmas tree, ornaments, lights, presents, Santa Clause.. nope-no presents. Instead, they wake up and have birthday cake and ice cream with decorations of birthday party to celebrate Jesus's birth. They said our culture has centered and focused everything around us and they won't give their children presents because it's not about them. May be extreme, but... sure gets the point across and she was one of the few kids who knew whose bday is on Christmas.... what do you think?

2. At the candle light service tonight at church, we all took communion. Sitting beside me, my friend said she doesn't believe communion is for everyone. She thinks only those saved in Christ should participate... .opinions?

3. There are so many children in this country and others that are orphaned. Is it selfish to have our own children when so many kids never feel love firsthand. Aren't we called to love?

These are simply just things I've heard lately and wondered what others thought. These are just your opinions and thoughts...I feel we should all form our own spirit led idea on what we ourselves believe. Just thought it would be cool to hear some response.. so please.......

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