Saturday, November 8, 2008


Many of you have been asking/following the update with my Grandbuddy so I FINALLY have some amazing news!! He is ALIVE and doing well. He is off the ventilator and the tubes but still is under some pretty serious circumstances. Everyday he is doing better! The man doesn't even realize how close he was this time. Last night, I finally got to go back in the ICU and see him. This is the first time he's been able to see or communicate with anyone. For his first introduction back to society, me, Brantley, Ann Morgan, Blair, Mom, and Aunt Jo were all there to welcome him back. My cousins and I just sat and talked to him as he whispered four words. Even though it took 20 min each for us to understand him, his words were as follows: Jesus Christ, prayer, home, and hungry. Yup.. He's doing just fine. We all sat and loved on him for the 30 minutes of visiting time we had. Then, we all went to dinner. It's fun to have family in town from Auburn, Clemson, and Mississippi.
Today, we went to see him at the 10 O'clock visit. He looks so much better already. Today he was talking a bit more. Even though he tried to convince us he is dying, we calmed him down and tried to make him realize the worst part is over and it's not his time to go. It was truly the Lord's plan to have him be at the hospital when he went down. He told us the nurse just fed him his last meal. After laughing and telling him that was his FIRST meal, he then started asking for a candy bar. haha!! We have no clue where this came from- ha. He wanted Mom to read some cards to him and then he had Blair, me and Ann Morgan pray over him. He really is doing well and we are so excited for him! The Lord is real. The Lord is powerful. The Lord is healing. We are seeing that today. Prayers are still appreciated and soon, Grandbuddy will be back in action. Life is precious- Don't take it for granted.
In Peace,

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