Tuesday, October 21, 2008


That's right!! Today was full of pumpkins!! This morning, my three year old class at school went to the pumpkin patch! It was absolutely adorable! When we got there, they got to run around in the hay bail maze and play in this trough of corn! It was super fun to watch them run free! Then, we went on a hay ride around the fields. When the hay ride was over, they fed our kids snacks and read them a story. Our anxious little buddies then got to run around the fields and pick a little pumpkin to take home!!
AH! I think I was more excited than the kiddos! I also picked out a big pumpkin for the afternoon activities!! I drove to class, which was cancelled and then went to lunch with some of my small group girls. After work, I went to my group home. Through First Baptist Church, I am doing the "home away from home" program where a family at the church sorta adopts us! Me and three other college students went to the house. They have a ten yr. old girl and a eight yr. old boy! They are precious!! We carved pumpkins (which I ended up forgetting mine at home) and made homemade pizza. It was such a blast. The kids are awesome!! It was just such a fun night! The pumpkins were so cool when we put a candle in them and turned out the lights!! So, to say the least.. I am pumpkined out!!! :-)

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