Thursday, June 26, 2008

* upDATES *

Greetings from Atlanta, GA!
I am sitting here anxiously awaiting the morning so I can FINALLY depart for LA! Today has been quite stressful! I never knew packing 5 weeks of clothes, teaching supplies, gifts, and everything I need in a foreign country in ONE 40 lb. suit case could be SO difficult! Plus the relocation can be quite frustrating as well! However...He is so faithful to me as He swarms me with PEACE and comfort and prepares me to do His will. I am so so excited!! I just can't wait to get going. I have no clue what all training has in store for us! I'm so ready to meet my group though! I am leaving you with some important dates so you can be up to speed as well and can be lifting me up with specification:

* June 27 - Arrive at LAX
* June 28- July 1 - Training at CBU in Riverside, CA
* July 2 - leave for Hong Kong
* July 4 - arrive in Hong Kong
* July 4 - Aug 2 - Camp Hong Kong
* Aug 3 - fly into LAX
* Aug 4 - fly into Atlanta

Thanks so much for all of you who have helped physically, financially, and spiritually! I love y'all and will be in touch!! PEACE!


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